Kingston Richmond & Twickenham LOC
Kingston Richmond & Twickenham LOC
Kingston Richmond & Twickenham LOC
Kingston Richmond & Twickenham LOC

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What is a LOC?


The first constitution of a LOC (Local Optical Committee) was in 1969. It is a committee which represents optometrists and registered dispensing opticians working within its area. The LOC boundaries are co-terminus with those of the local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). There are two CCGs in our area - Richmond and Kingston.


The Kingston, Richmond & Twickenham LOC sits within the NHS England London Regional Area. Our committee is open to both optometrists and dispensing opticians. Members are elected in the usual manner of any committee, at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and have a three year term of office, after which they are eligible for re-election. The honorarium members are elected annually. The constitution is reviewed four yearly or when there is a statutory change.


The main objectives of an LOC are:


  • to disseminate information about General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) and assist individuals to understand and comply with their terms of service;
  • to promote equality in provision of eye care services;
  • to work with CCGs to deliver eye care services which meet local needs and are community orientated, and advise on the scope and efficiency of eye care services locally;
  • to advise NHS England on matters affecting practitioners providing GOS



As a committee we sit on the perimeter of the NHS, but as a profession we are often the first step to the diagnosis of eye problems. We are keen to support and promote the development of community eye care services locally with a view to: 

  • relieving the pressure on hospital services;
  • providing local access for patients;
  • providing seamless patient care across primary and secondary services;
  • improving collaboration between health professionals




Our funding is received from NHS England via Primary Care Support England and is called the Statutory Levy, derived from each NHS eye examination conducted ie. the levy is raised by dividing the amount requested to run the Committee, by the number of eye examinations undertaken by all practices in the two CCG areas.



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